Fixed line and Wireless deployment

images3Maximize network management functionality Improve reliability and performance of your network

Are you missing out on revenue due to delays in provisioning new services? Is your network management system scalable across all your sites and network operation centers? Do you have documented procedures in place in case of network downtime or data loss?

You can face major problems if you don’t install and properly maintain your management systems. Network Management Systems (NMS) and Element Management Systems (EMS) are critical components of modern telecom networks.

Comstar can help you keep your management systems in shape. We offer a comprehensive suite of Consulting and Management System Services for proper installation, deployment and integration of your network management systems.

Management System Services enables you to administer and monitor your system on an ongoing basis, enabling you to maximize functionality and protect your revenue.


telecoms3Our Management System Services benefits:

• Improve performance and productivity: Our automation tools and best practices reduce costly errors, data loss and network downtime.

• Simplify operations: Utilize resources effectively to identify and correct process gaps, inefficient workflows and skill set gaps.

• Bring deep expertise to your network: Our experience with multiple development languages and extensive management system implementations bring a deeper understanding of your network.