Engineer, Furnish, Install and Commission

Install and upgrade networks

collage-telecomWe help install and upgrade networks — on time and on budget Avoid technical pitfalls and meet your financial goals

You’ve purchased new technology to upgrade your network and beat your competition. But you could lose your edge if it’s not set up as quickly as possible.

Comstar Deployment Services enable you to focus on your core business, avoid common oversights and bypass steep learning curves. We bring you the experience, world-class tools and processes to simplify and speed up your deployment.

Our Deployment Services benefits

• Simplify network and element deployments. .

• Get your networks and upgrades running — on time and on budget.

• Improve performance and reliability of your network. .

• Speed your time to market. We closely analyzes changes in your network to identify issues before they affect your schedule. That’s how we ensured that major service providers meet their aggressive schedules.

Your customers expect your network to run smoothly from day one. You can’t afford to postpone your launch because of glitches.

Comstar Engineer, Furnish, install & commissioning services can help you launch your network to meet your customers’ expectations. At the same time, your investors will appreciate a faster return on their investments.

Our EFI&C benefits

• Simplify network deployments. Comstar helped the telecom consolidate its network, reducing power consumption by 30% and the time required to design new circuits by 60%.

• Speed time to market. we closely analyzes changes in your network to find issues before they affect your schedule. That’s how we ensure major service providers such as BT meet aggressive schedules.